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Human skin needs regular exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells, otherwise they build up and the skin will look dull. This creates a shield that will prevent product absorption. When permanent makeup is done, the anaesthetic might not have the desired numbing effect, and the skin may heal unevenly.
With Rejuvink, the anaesthetic will work more efficiently and there will be better pigment saturation, with skin that will heal more evenly. The product brightens dull skin and will leave the skin smoother and with less pigmentation.
Rejuvink should be applied as a first step for 2 minutes on the lips or eyebrows, then wiped off with a wet wipe before applying an anaesthetic. If a client has unwanted permanent makeup results, the product can be used at home to lighten skin (except the eyes). It can also be used on stretchmarks, scar tissue and cracked heels. It must be rinsed off after 2 minutes, otherwise it can burn the skin