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ESR Serum Infused Skin Roller

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Discover the UK’s FIRST Serum Infused Skin Roller created by Elite Skin Rejuvenation. Unlike other skin needling rollers, this All-in-One Skin Roller directly infuses serum into the skin - making the process more hygienic and effective.

The roller has fine 0.25 millimeter needles that gently glide over the skin creating micro punctures, while serum flows into the skin simultaneously. The roller helps reduce fine lines and minimises pores, improves skin elasticity and scars including acne and overall pigmentation. 

The serum has PDRN, PEPTIDE, Centella Asiatica, Ginseng, Propolis and High functional plant extracts to help with wound repair, intracellular activity, damaged cell regeneration, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory regeneration and collagen formation.

How to use the home care All-In-One Skin Roller:

Step 1: Prepare

Double cleanse the face (we recommend with our Cell Biologique Bioactive Cleanser)

Step 2: Resurface

Push the button 3-5 times to allow the serum to flow. Then roll the serum onto the skin horizontally, vertically and diagonally, overlapping the areas as you roll.

Step 3: Repair and Protect

Apply moisturiser and SPF 50+ for great skin results. 

This product is perfect to stock and sell in your clinic to prepare your client’s skin to be salon ready for their next facial treatment. Touch base with your clients in the clinic or online, to find out more about their skincare needs and upsell your other services and products all while helping your clients feel better by having a healthy radiant complexion.


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