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The anaesthetics used when permanent makeup or tattoos are done can dry the skin and create burning sensations or an uncomfortable feeling. The needle that is used to work on the skin
can also cause minor trauma. When doing a procedure, technicians/artists frequently wipe the area so that they can see better, and this friction also sensitises the skin.
Calmink addresses all these factors and can be used on any part of the body, including the face – wherever the skin is red or irritated.
It can also be used after laser treatments, peels, aesthetic procedures or burns. A thick layer should be applied to the work area as well as the surrounding skin and left for 5 minutes.
Each ingredient adds its own value, but together they moisturise the skin so that it heals better, improve pigment absorption, alleviate redness, relieve itching and burning, and provide a protective layer against moisture loss. The overall effect is a calm skin and a client who feels more comfortable.